Step-By-Step Directions:

1. From the website, select New Students Start Here:

2. Begin the New Student process at Step 1. Click on the arrow to expand information in Step 1.

3. Once Step 1 has been completed, move on to Step 2. Under Set up User Account Information, click the arrow to expand to read information on setting up your SCC user account.

4. To enroll in the online New Student Orientation, select Online Orientation located in the Sign Up and Attend New Student Orientation (for curriculum students) section.

5. You will be redirected to our single-sign on page where you will enter your SCC and password.


6. Once logged in to Canvas, you will select Enroll in Course

7. Once successfully enrolled, you will select Go to the Course

8. Now that you have successfully enrolled in the course, a course card will display on your Canvas dashboard so that you can access the course at any time when you log in to Canvas

Complete all lessons of the online New Student Orientation (which is the equivalent content of the seated NSO) by reading, watching videos, and answering questions. Remember, the New Student Orientation must be completed to be cleared to register, and you must also speak with your advisor.

If you have trouble at any time you can contact the Eagle's 1-Stop at 704-991-0123 or for help with New Student Orientation.