Students submitting assignments using Turnitin within Canvas will not need to create an account with Turnitin or provide a class ID or an assignment key.


Turnitin will only accept files that can generate Similarity Reports. This includes:

  • HTML    
  • Microsoft Word® (.doc/.docx)
  • Hangul Word Processor file (.hwp)           
  • OpenOffice Text (.odt)
  • Rich text format (.rtf)     
  • WordPerfect® (.wpd)
  • Plain text (.txt)  
  • PostScript (.ps)
  • Google Docs via Google Drive™
  • Adobe® PDF
  • Microsoft PowerPoint® (.pptx, .ppt, .ppsx, and .pps)
  • Microsoft Excel® (.xls and .xlsx)

When ready to submit their assignment, the student will navigate to the assignment in Canvas and accept the Turnitin End-User License Agreement (if applicable).

The student will then click Upload Submission.

Assuming the saved document is located on the student's PC, flash drive, etc., click the Upload Submission tab, enter a title for the assignment submission, click on Choose File and select the saved file. Click Upload and Review.

The student should then be prompted to Submit to Turnitin.