Information change (Name, Phone, Address)

Information change form can be used to update your name, phone number, address, emergency contact, County of residence and more. If any of this information is incorrect in the system, then you need to submit an online information change form to get it updated. This form is only for current Students and Employees with SCC logins. If you are not a current student, please use the attached form in PDF format. Current student with logins, please follow steps below to submit the online form. 

A) E-FORM Version Steps (STUDENTS ONLY). For correcting employee information, please see section B:

1. Access the form by selecting the following URL, or copy and paste the URL into your favorite browser.

2. Use your SCC username and password to log into the form by using the login boxes at the top of the form. You may need to scroll up on the form to display the login box.

3. Once authenticated it will add your name and student ID number to the form. You are required to login to submit the online form. 

4. Check the box beside the information you need to change and enter in the new information in the provided boxes.  Below shows what the form looks like and information that can be changed using this form. You only need to enter in the information you need to change.

5. Once you are done, be sure to select the Submit Form button at the bottom of the page. This form will be submitted to Enrollment Management and they will process the change quickly as possible.

B) E-FORM Version Steps (EMPLOYEES ONLY). For correcting student information, please see section A:

To submit a request for an employee information change, please complete the e-form at the following URL:

To complete this form, please follow steps 2-4 utilized in section A. Once you have finished filling out the e-form, select the Submit form button at the bottom of the webpage. Once submitted, the form will be sent to HR for review.

C) PDF Method and Additional Information:

PDF Version Steps:

If you are unable to login and complete the e-form version of the information change document, please use attached PDF version. To complete this process, print the PDF form and fill out the necessary fields. Scan the form and email it to Bonnie Burris (Coordinator, Student Information) at

Birth Date Corrections:

To correct errors with a student’s birth date that is being displayed in our system, please contact our Admissions Office. 

Additional Assistance:

Please contact Enrollment Management for any questions you have about information changes at 704-991-0127. If you are having technical issues with the form, or cannot log into the form, please contact Technical Support at 704-991-0222, or using the online chat at

Thank you for your time and have a great day!