To embed your PowerPoint from Microsoft OneDrive:

(If your PowerPoint is already in OneDrive skip to step: 7)

Step 1: Go to and click ‘Sign in.’


Step 2: Use your email to login.


Step 3: If prompted, click ‘OneDrive for Business.’


Step 4: It will then take you to a Stanly email login where you’ll enter your email and password again. Then, click ‘Sign in.’


Step 5: Next, click ‘Upload.’


Step 6: Next, locate your file and click ‘Upload.’


Step 7: Right click on your PowerPoint and click ‘Open in PowerPoint Online.’


Step 8: Once your PowerPoint has opened click ‘File.’


Step 9: Then, click ‘Share.’


Step 10: Then, click ‘Embed.’


Step 11: Then, copy that embed code.


Step 12: Next, go into where you want to embed the PowerPoint in your Moodle course. A ‘Page’ activity would work if you just have one PowerPoint for a chapter or section. If you have multiple PowerPoint for a chapter or section you could use a ‘Book’ activity and put a different presentation on a different chapter in the book.

Step 13: In the ‘Text Editor’ box, click the ‘Edit HTML Source’ button.

Step 14: Then, paste that code you copied into that box.

Step 15: Finally, click ‘Update’ and then click ‘Save.’

Click here to view the Word version of these instructions.