Web Advisor is unavailable from 11PM to 6AM nightly, and on Wed. Evenings at 6PM for scheduled system maintenance. You will likely see a message similar to the one below:

Web Advisor error example

If you visit WebA dvisor outside these times and still get the "unavailable" message, then most likely to correct the issue you will need to clear your internet cache. If you are using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox you should be able to clear your browsing history by doing the following:Press Ctrl, Shift, and then Delete on your keyboard.

keyboard buttons control, shift, and delete

You should then see a dialogue box come up asking you if you want to delete your browsing history. Accept the default options and clear the browsing history.You should then close your browser and then open it back up and try to access Web Advisor. If you are still having difficulty clearing your browsing history, refer to the directions below for your specific browser. You will find browser specific directions listed on the SCC knowledge base.

Moodle and Browsers screenshot

If you are having issues logging in, or need technical assistance, then please contact SCC Tech Support by calling 704-991-0222, sending an email to techsupport@stanly.edu, or through via live chat. You can access chat by going to https://helpdesk.stanly.edu and look for the “Let’s talk” chat box located in the bottom right hand of the screen. SCC Tech Support normal hours are from 7am to 8pm Monday through Friday.

Let's Talk button example