NOTE: Microsoft Lync has been replaced by Skype for Business; this solution will be updated soon to reflect the change.

One means of meeting with your academic advisor or coach is through a chat session on Microsoft Lync. You may also be able to meet with your advisor or coach in-person, by email, by phone, or though chat on the stanly.ed website on MyPage. Note: You do not have to own Microsoft Office or MS Lync to join in on a Lync meeting, but you will have to install a browser plug-in. See directions below.

Before the Meeting

  • For information on scheduling an appointment with your advisor, please see the Knowledge Base solution: How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor? (you can also email or call using information from your MyPage or the directory)
  • Your advisor or coach will send an email with an invitation to the meeting's link.
  • On your computer, install the Lync Web App (allow at least 15 minutes before the session to download and test your access to the Lync Web App, especially for your first meeting).

1. Follow the Join Lync Meeting link from the email to bring up the Lync Web App page. You will need to download the plug-in using the Lync Web App plug in link.

Lync Web App window with the install link highlighted

2. When the plug-in downloads, you will need to run the downloded LWAPluginInstaller.msi file. Follow the message prompts on your computer.
Note: Now that you have the Lync Web App installed, joining future Lync meetings on this computer will not involve downloading the app. If you change computers, you may need to install the plug-in.

Check to see if your web browser blocks the plug-in from running. Below are how to tell if your browser is blocking the Web App plug-in:

Google Chrome

Chrome browser address bar with blocked plug-in on the right side

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox browser blocked plug-in; blue block icon to left of address bar

To enable a blocked plug-in to join Lync sessions:

Google Chrome

Chrome browser enable plug-in window to Always allow this plug in and then Done button

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox browser select plug-in block icon to left of menu bar, then choose to Activate Plug-In from drop-down menu

Joining the Meeting

1. Once your plug-in is installed and running, follow the Join the meeting link from the Lync Web App page:

Lync Web App window with Join the Meeting option highlighted

2. A message may pop-up asking permission to open the Microsoft Lync Web App. Confirm by selecting Lanuch Application.

Request permission prompt window with Launch Application button highlighted

3. Once the Lync Web App window opens, it will ask for your name. It is helpful to enter your full time. After entering your name, select Join the meeting.

Lync Web App window with space to enter name and link to Join the meeting

4. If you sign on before your advisor/coach, you will see the message (1 Participant) next to the meeting title. Your advisor or coach should be online shortly.

Lync Web App meeting window with meeting title in window upper left followed by number of participants (1 participant if the first to attend)

You may receive a notice asking permission to participate in a meeting with audio and/or video. You must choose Allow to participate with such a connection.

permission prompt asking to Allow or Deny using devices

You may receive a warning at the bottom of your Lync Web App screen asking you to set up an audio device. This is necessary if you wish to use audio or video to communicate during the presentation. Speakers will be necessary to hear others speaking during the presentation, and a microphone (or camera with built-in mic) is needed for you to communicate by speaking.

The ability to type through IM (instant message) is available whether you have other devices set up or not!

bottom of Lync Web App window message asking permission to use device

In the top right corner of the Lync Web App, you will find a gear icon which when clicked provides a menu including Options. Use the Options menu to set up your audio and video devices (once they are plugged into your computer). The next icon to the right of the gear allows for touch screen options (if you are using a computer or device with a touch screen), and to the right of the touch screen icon is the program help menu (the question mark icon).

Lync Web App window options gear icon in upper right corner

Once you select Options, the Options window will pop up with General settings, Phones (for conference calls through Lync), Audio device, and Video device.

Options menu with left column options: General, Phones, Audio device, Video device

You can type into the chat box, or switch to video, etc. using the menu options in the lower left. Your advisor or coach can also share documents through Lync.

Lync window with conversation/chat history on left side with a chat textbox below it, menu options at bottom left, and any shared presentation on right side of window