How to submit homework/an assignment in Moodle:

1. Select the assignment's link within Moodle (upload assignments have an icon of a hand holding paper).

Sample Assignment icon

2. Read all directions carefully, complete and proof your work before submitting. On the assignment page, you will find directions and an area with information about your submission status, grading status, due date and time remaining before due. When you are ready to upload your file, use the Add submission button.

screenshot of Sample Assignment box with directions, information, and the Add submission button

3. Under the "File submissions" section, you can either use the Upload File icon in the top left of the File submissions box, or you can simply drag and drop files into the lower area of the File submission area.

File submissions screen with the Upload File icon, or the ability to drag and drop into the area

4. If you use the Upload File icon, a "File picker" window will pop-up. With Upload a file on the left column selected, in the main area of the window use the Choose File button to select your attachment file.

screenshot of the File Picker window; under Upload a file use the Choose File button to find your work

5. In the "Open" window, locate the file from your computer. Once you have selected the file, select Open.

screenshot of open window where you find the file on your computer and then use the Open button to select

6. Once your file is selected, you can enter a file name into the "Save as:" field text box, your name should be under the "Author" field, and then use the Upload this file button. If your instructor has provided directions on saving your file, follow these directions. If not, it is a good idea to include your name in the "Save as" line.

screenshot of the File picker window; put a file name in the Save as text box and then use the Upload this file button to submit

7. Once your file is showing in the "File submissions" box (whether selecting the file to upload or dragging and dropping it into the submission area), use the Save changes button.

screenshot of sample assignment submission; Under File submissions if the correct file is included, use the Save changes file to upload.

You will now see a confirmation on the "Submission status" box, where you will see your your "Submission status" as: "Submitted for grading." You will see the date and time it was submitted (last modified), and you can access the file again under "File submissions" if needed.

If the assignment allows for editing or resubmitting before the deadline, you can do so using the Edit submission button.

screenshot of confirmation in the Submission status area; status is Submitted for grading, date modified shows submission and original file can be viewed through file submissions