The following information will show how to access and use your MyPage.

Video Directions:

Step by Step Directions:

1. From the website, select the My Page Login link in the upper right menu. homepage with MyPage Login selected in upper right menu

2. Log in using your SCC Username and Password.

Stanly CC login page, requesting username and password

3. You will then have access to your MyPage.

MyPage with user information on upper left column, advisor and coach information on middle left column, and student links on bottom left column; alerts block on right, followed by course schedule, academic plan (MAP), and news feeds

MyPage includes:

Left Column

  • User Information - your name, program of study, entire student ID number, and user ID
  • Advisor and Coach Information - your academic advisor name, phone number, email and link to schedule an appointment; your success coach name, number, and email address
  • Student Links - commonly used SCC student links

Right Column

  • Alerts Block - any account holds or alerts and what actions to take; information on registration for the next semester, if available
  • Course Schedule and Academic plan (MAP) - your current semester's Course Schedule, with elearning courses linking to Moodle; your Academic Plan (MAP) as created with your academic advisor
  • News Feeds - information from Stanly Community College (you can subscribe through student links, under Feed Settings)