On rare occasion, sometimes students may be in the middle of taking a quiz and the page does not seem to go to the next quiz page. It may appear to just "spin" without anything happening. There could be several reasons this is happening.

Possible Causes:

1. Many users are on Moodle at the same time and it could cause it to slow down.

2. It could be a time when the internet or Moodle slows down for just a few minutes at the exact time of the quiz attempt.

3. The user could be using a slow internet connection and/or using a computer that is slow.

screenshot of a quiz in Moodle where there is a spinning circle in the top left where the page is loading and the Next button on the page is greyed out


Unfortunately, most of the time intermittent slow internet or many users on Moodle at the same time is not an issue that can be resolved by taking any action.

Here are a couple things that could be tried.

1. Wait a few minutes: We recommend waiting a few minutes before trying anything to see if it resolves itself.

2. Refresh the Page: If you wait a few minutes and the problem still persists, try Refreshing your screen by pressing the F5 function key on your keyboard to refresh the web browser screen.

If "Refreshing" the screen works, it should keep you on the same page, but will give you the "Next" button to press again to go to the next page as shown in this picture below.

screenshot of moodle page where the Next button is clickable

3. Ensure you have a strong internet connection: If you are using a wireless internet connection (WiFi), please try using a wired connection or move your computer closer to the router.

4. Wait a few hours: Often this issue is due to slow internet or many users on Moodle at the same time. If you can afford to wait a few hours, the system may be more responsive later.

5. Try another Internet Browser: Try using a different internet browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to see if you experience those issues.

6. Try a different computer: Lastly, we recommend trying to take the quiz from another computer if you have been unsuccessful with the above items to try.

If you continue to have issues, please contact your course instructor immediately to make them aware that you were having trouble, and submit a ticket through the SCC Technical Support page.