This document will help you quickly see the icon changes in the Moodle Text Editor after the latest version upgrade. (Keyboard shortcuts available are noted in orange.)

A through I text editor icons

A. Toolbar Toggle: Clicking this expands the toolbar, giving you more options.

B. Choose a pre-formatted option for your text, such as a header or address.

C. Bold your text. Shortcut: Control + B

D. Italicize your text. Shortcut: Control + I

E. Insert or remove a bulleted list.

F. Insert or remove a numbered list.

G. Insert of edit a hyperlink. (Highlight the text you’d like linked.) Shortcut: Control + K

H. Break an existing hyperlink.

I. Prevent automatic hyperlinks (i.e. an email address or website you just want to name)

J through CC text editor icons

J. Undo the last change you made. Shortcut: Control + Z

K. Redo the change you last undid. Shortcut: Control + Y

L. Underline your text. Shortcut: Control + U

M. Strikethrough your text.

N. Change your text to subscript.

O. Change your text to superscript.

P. Align your text to the left margin.

Q. Align your text to the center.

R. Align your text to the right margin.

S. Remove an indent.

T. Indent text.

U. Change text to selected color.

V. Select new text color.

W. Change highlight of text to selected color.

X. Select new highlight color.

Y. Change type direction left to right. Z. Change type direction right to left.

AA. Insert non-breaking space character.

BB. Insert special character.

CC. Insert a table (or edit an existing one.)

DD through MM text editor icons

DD. Change text font.

EE. Change text size.

FF. Edit HTML code (you'll use this to embed video.)

GG. Find characters in your text.

HH. Find and Replace characters in your text.

II. Cleans up irrelevant/leftover HTML code.

JJ. Remove all formatting (i.e. font, color, indents, italics, etc.)KK. Paste a copied text as plain text, with none of the formatting.

LL. Paste from Microsoft Word (with formatting.)

MM. Open text editor in fullscreen for easier viewing.