On a rare occasion you may experience not being able to submit a file successfully in Moodle. Here are some things to take into consideration.

First, make sure that your file is not too large for the upload file size limit. In the upper right of the upload file area, you will see the file size restriction if there is one:

screenshot of file upload page with maximum size attachment and maximum number of attachments in the top right

If your file is too large and cannot make it smaller, or if you need to upload more than one file please contact your instructor.

If the file is smaller than the limit and you are having troulbe, try waiting a little while.

Sometimes your file may be very large which may take a little while for the file to upload. Please try waiting a little while for your file to finish uploading by leaving the upload screen open. If the internet connection has slowed down or if there is a large amount of users on Moodle, this may cause the upload to take longer.

Please try waiting about 20 minutes to see if the file uploads.

screenshot of the file picker page loading

Sometimes there could be an issue at the time you uploaded your file. Try exiting your assignment page and enter again. You may be able to upload your file after re-entering the assignment.

If you seem to have trouble seeing the uploaded file, and you are sure you tried to upload the file please refresh your browser and see if your submission appears. You may also want to log out and back into Moodle.

Click the arrow that is in a circle shape to refresh the browser.

screenshot of the Refresh button

If your file was uploaded successfully, you will see it under the assignment submission area.

screenshot of example submission that shows the submission status, grading status, due date, time remaining, last modified, file submissions, and submission comments

If you do not see your file, please try to upload the file again. Trying more than one time is important. You may also want to try using a different internet browser.

If you are still unable to upload your file, please submit a ticket to the Moodle/LMS Help Desk.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the assignment is due that same day, please send the file as an attachment in an email to your instructor as soon as possible and before the assignment due date. It is important to let your instructor know quickly that you experienced trouble and that you have submitted a ticket to the help desk.