An assignment in Moodle is indicated with a had holding a paper. Once you click on it you will have instructions from your instructor regarding what they want you to submit. Sometimes you are required to submit a file, type in text in a text box, or possibly both. Please see instructions below on how to submit an assignment through the Moodle Assignment

1. First, find and click on the assignment you need to submit.

Assignment example

2. Next, scroll down and click on Add Submission.

Add submission

3. Then, either click the Add… button OR just drag and drop your file into the box where it says Drop files here to upload. (Pictures 3a and 3b).

4. Then click Save changes. (Picture 4).

Online text, File Submissions, and Save changes

5. You can edit your submission after you have submitted it by going back into the assignment and clicking Edit submission.

File submission