First check these two solutions:

Moodle Course(s) Not Showing

Navigation Block Docked

If you have confirmed the start date of your course, are able to locate your navigation block, and see that you do not have access to a course; there is the possibility that you have been dropped from a course. This may be the case if you had access to a course and then no longer are able to access the course.

Two reasons students may be dropped from a course:

1. Students are required to complete the Census Assignment inside each course. This assignment is to be completed by the 10% point in the course. If students do not complete the Census Assignment by the due date you will be dropped from the course.

What is the Census Assignment?

Each online course you take will have an initial assignment clearly marked Census Assignment. This may come in the form of a forum, short syllabus quiz, etc., but should be labelled Census Assignment and will be the first assignment you need to complete for your course.

Sometimes students are dropped for non-payment.

If you believe you have successfully completed the census date by the due date, please contact your instructor regarding this. If you missed completing the census date assignment and would like to sign up for the course again, please contact the Eagle's One Stop at 704-991-0123.

2. Students may be dropped for non-payment.

Students who are dropped for non-payment may contact the Eagle’s One Stop to re-register for the course at 704-991-0123. Students will need to be prepared to pay the same day that they register again. If dropped after the semester starts, a drop fee may be incurred.

If neither of these describe your issue, please contact your instructor first and then the Moodle/LMS Help Desk.