In addition to your student gmail account ( there is an internal email system within each class called jmail.

You will have a separate inbox for each of your online courses. From this jmail account you can communicate with your instructor through emails.

To access your course-specific jmail locate the Jmail block in the upper left-hand corner and click View Inbox as seen in the image below:

Jmail block with View inbox link

The image below shows what the jmail inbox looks like and highlights all of it's functionality.

Jmail interface screenshot

The green highlighted area above shows the standard email functions you will find in jmail.

  • Check to refresh your inbox
  • New Mail allows you to create a new message
  • Use the magnifying glass search bar to search through your inbox
  • Inbox, Draft, Sent, and Bin (Trash) are all standard email functions
  • The Preferences setting allows you to send copies of your jmail messages to your student gmail account. This is convenient if you check your gmail more often, but please note you cannot respond to messages that have been forwarded. To reply to a jmail message you must do so from within jmail.

The My mailboxes menu highlighted in pink (may appear red on your screen) above allows you to jump between your various course jmail inboxes. This is much quicker than going to each class one by one to check messages. Be sure to keep track of which inbox you're in though!

The yellow highlighted area is where you will find your instructor and classmates and choose who to send your message to. Click the To button beside the name of the individual you want to message to begin an email to them.

Having trouble finding your instructor to contact in Jmail?

If you do not see your instructor to email, please see if the area in yellow has a scroll bar to the right. You may need to scroll down to see other participants in the course.