1. Place document to scan in the top tray or on the glass.

2. Tap on the printers LCD screen to display the options.

image of printer

3. Select the Scan icon.

screenshot of printer LCD screen with Scan icon highlighted.

4. Select Email icon.

screenshot of printer LCD screen with Email icon highlighted

5. Select Stanly Community College tile, or whatever group you see listed. This may be different for each printer.

screenshot of printer LCD screen displaying list with Stanly Community College highlighted

6. Select the Address Book symbol toward the bottom left of the screen.

screenshot of printer LCD screen with Address Book symbol towards the bottom left

7. Now find the contact you want and select the box at the beginning of the name to put a check mark in it and then select Ok. You can select more than one person here.

screenshot of Address Book list

8. Select Scan to scan the document and email it.

screenshot of printer LCD screen with Start Scan button on the bottom right

9. You should get a success message and return to the above screen. You can either scan another document or select the Home symbol to exit.

If you need technical assistance, then please contact SCC Tech Support by calling 704-991-0222, sending an email to techsupport@stanly.edu, or through live chat. You can access chat by going to https://helpdesk.stanly.edu and look for the “Let’s talk” chat box located in the bottom right hand of the screen as shown below. SCC Tech Support normal hours are from 7:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Friday.

Let's Talk button example