There are several reasons you may not see your Moodle courses.

  • You may not have been registered or added in Moodle: Please see the solution called "Moodle Course(s) MIssing"
  • You may have been dropped from the Moodle course: Please see the solution called "Dropped from Moodle Course"
  • Your navigation block may be "Docked". Please see instructions below regarding Docked Navigation Blocks.

If at one time you had access and now you do not, you may want to make sure that your navigation block is not "docked".

What is the navigation block?

Your navigation block is an area in Moodle on the side of your window where you are able to navigate to Moodle courses.

screenshot of Navigation Block

If you are not seeing your navigation block or any of your courses, your navigation block could be "docked." This may be causing you not to be able to see your courses. Follow these steps to "undock" your navigation block.

This is what it will look like if your navigation block is docked.

Navigation block docked to side of screen

Click the arrow under the docked block to make it visible again.

screenshot of highlighted arrow under the Navigation block