Video Directions (from WebAdvisor or MyPage):

Step-By-Step Directions:

WebAdvisor/Moodle/Student E-mail/MyPage all share the same username and password. If you change your password in Web Advisor, it changes for all services. Your username will always stay the same unless your name changes.

To reset your password online: Go to and select the Reset My Password link in the bottom-right corner of the page to access the Password Reset page.

Reset My Password option in bottom right of window

Below shows the password reset page. You can change your password by either your Student ID Number or by your Username. Select the option that will work best for you.

screenshot of Password Reset Student ID or Username option

For example, below shows what the Password Reset by username page looks like. You will need to fill in your Username, First Name, Last Name, last four numbers of your social security number, and date of birth to reset the password. Once all the information has been filled in then select the Submit button to access the Change Password page.

Screenshot of Password Reset using Username

On the Change Password page enter your new password in and confirm it. The password requirements are listed at the top of the change password page as shown below. Once done select the Change Password button to change the password. (SCC Employees remember to update the password on your phone, tablet, or iPad for SCC wireless and email.)

Change Password example screenshot

I don’t know my username or Student ID number? Obtain your Stanly Community College Username by going to and selecting the What is my user ID? link in the bottom-right corner. Enter your last name and your Social Security Number and click Submit. The next page will provide you the User ID.

(Username) and explain how the default password works to login for new users.

If you are having issues logging in, or needing technical assistance, please contact SCC Technical Support by calling 704-991-0222, or contacting us through live chat.  You can access live chat by going to and selecting the yellow “Let’s Talk” chat window that is located towards the bottom of the screen. Below shows an example of the live chat window. We can only handle login issues over the phone, or chat. We cannot handle login issue through email, so please make sure you contact us over chat, or phone. Please visit the main Technical Support page to see normal business hours and closings.

Let's Talk button example