Your username and password will be the same for what you use to log into WebAdvisor and your student Gmail.

What is my Username for Moodle?

First, go to the Moodle page at you can also click on Moodle on the home page of the SCC web page.

Next, click on the Log in link in the upper-right corner of the screen.

When clicking on Log in, you will be redirected to the login screen.

Your username is:

The first letter of your first name lowercase, your full last name lowercase, and the last four digits of your user ID.

Example: John Smith with Student ID: 12345678 and Username: jsmith5678.

If you are having trouble finding out what your user ID is, go to WebAdvisor by clicking

In the lower right corner of the screen, click on What's My User ID?

screenshot of What's My User ID? link highlighted in the bottom right

This will take you to an area where you will need to submit your last name and either your social security number or your full student ID number. Click on the Submit button after entering that information on the page.

What is my Password for Moodle?

If this is your first time logging into an SCC service, you will use the default password of:

The first letter of your last name capitalized, the second letter of your last name lowercase, and your six-digit birth date.

Example: John Smith has a birth date of May 1st, 1985.

Example Password: Sm050185

(Your password will not show the actual characters as shown in this example, but will be represented by dots. Please be assured that the characters you type will be entered into the field.)

Are you still having trouble?

If you try to login after multiple tries, your account may become locked. Your login will lock after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. If this is the case, please contact the Technical Support Team by calling them at 704-991-0222, submit a ticket from the tech support page, or begin a chat in the chat window on the tech support page.

Also, if you have reset your password from the default and cannot log in. Please contact Technical Support to reset your password.

Things to Keep In Mind

When you change your password, it affects all SCC services you log into such as WebAdvisor, Self-Service, Moodle, Student Gmail, etc. The best place to change your password is in WebAdvisor.

screenshot of Reset My Password link highlighted in the bottom right

NOTE: You will not be able to access your Moodle classes until 9AM on the first day of the semester.

If you are having issues logging in, or needing technical assistance, please contact SCC Technical Support by calling 704-991-0222, or contacting us through live chat.  You can access live chat by going to and selecting the yellow “Let’s Talk” chat window that is located towards the bottom of the screen. We can only handle login issues over the phone, or chat. We cannot handle login issue through email, so please make sure you contact us using chat, or phone. Please visit the main Technical Support page to see normal business hours and closings.