SCC Account Recovery Questions Setup Instructions

This document will take you through the setup of your account recovery questions.  Completing this process will allow you to reset your password and recover your account from Office 365.  


First, go to

This will prompt you to login with your Stanly Community College email address.  For employees this will be and for students this would be  




 Once you are logged in you will be presented with this screen which has three different steps to complete.

Step 1:  Configure a recovery phone number.  It is recommended that you use your cellphone number so that you can receive a text but you can also receive a voice phone call.

Step 2: Configure a secondary recovery email address.  This should not be a Stanly Community College email account.  This should be a separate email account.

Step 3:  Configure five security questions.


Go through and select “Set it up now” for each item and follow the prompts.










Once you have completed each step click finish.  This will take you into your Office 365 environment.  From there just click on your name in the top right corner and logout.