Self-Service, Canvas, Student E-mail, and MyPage all share the same username and password. If you change your password for one service, it changes for all services. Your username will always stay the same unless your name changes.

To reset your password online: Go to the Tech Support webpage, using the link at the top of, and choose the "SCC Reset Password" button.

screenshot of the top menu options on the Tech Support website

On the Password Reset page, at the top of the page you must enter either your entire SCC student ID number or the last four digits of your social security number:

student ID or last 4 of social security number

Below this, you must enter your SCC Username, your First Name, your Last Name, and your Date of Birth, then submit the form to reset your password.

username, name, and date of birth fields

If you are still having trouble with your password, please contact the Technical Support Team by calling them at 704-991-0222, submit a ticket from the top of the tech support page (you can reach Tech Support using the link at the top of the website), or use the chat window on the tech support page.