Sometimes your course may require you to do an assignment where photos from your phone may be useful. If a picture format is not accepted, you may need to insert them into a Word Document along with text. This is also a way to include a number of photos in a single file. This solution shows you how to take photos from your phone and insert them into a Word Document. You will need to have access to both your phone and a desktop or laptop computer.

Step 1: Email your photos to yourself from your phone.

When viewing your photo, most devices allow you to send the photo to your connected email account. Go ahead and send these photos in an email to yourself.

Step 2: Download Photos to a Computer

Go to a desktop or laptop computer and open your email account on that computer.

Once you have opened your email. Locate the email(s) with the photos. Select to download the photos from the email.

Step 3: Locate and Rename your Photos

To find your files, go to File Explorer on your Windows PC, or the Finder on an iOS computer.

Next, look for the downloads folder.

It is recommended to rename your photos before inserting them into the Word Document.

To rename the photo, right click on "rename" in the menu. An example name for the first photo might be "Page 1".

An example name for the first photo might be "Page 1".

Insert Pictures into a Word Document

Step 4A: Opening the Insert Pictures Window

Open up Microsoft Word on your computer and click on the "Insert" tab. Next, select the "Picture" button on the ribbon.

After selecting the Picture button, a new window will pop-up on your screen to select your photo. 

Step 4B: Selecting and Inserting the Pictures.

On the left side of the pop-up window, select the downloads folder.

You should see the pictures you saved from your email.

Select the picture, (example: Page 1) and then select the "insert" button.

Click below the photo in the Word Document to add additional pictures to the document. 

Next, repeat steps 4A and 4B until you have inserted all the pictures you desire to have in the document in the correct order.

Once all the pictures have been inserted, save your Word document.

Now, the file will be ready to upload into the assignment area of your course.

(This solution was provided courtesy of the SCC Nursing Faculty.)