1. Select the Windows key on the keyboard and type Windows Credential Manager and open it.

screenshot of the windows key

2. Select Web Credentials.

screenshot of Manage your credentials with Web credentials highlighted

3. Look for credentials saved here that uses your Stanly Community Login, which are sites that end in stanly.edu. Remove the credentials by selecting the drop down arrow to the right of the entry and selecting the blue Remove button. Below is an example of a credential being saved for webadvisor.stanly.edu and the red arrow points out the drop down arrow and remove option.

screenshot of Web credentials menu with Remove highlighted

4. Delete all the entries that use your SCC login.

If you are having issues logging in, or needing technical assistance, please contact SCC Technical Support by calling 704-991-0222, or contacting us through live chat.  You can access live chat by going to https://helpdesk.stanly.edu and selecting the yellow “Let’s Talk” chat window that is located towards the bottom of the screen. Below shows an example of the live chat window. We can only handle login issues over the phone, or chat. We cannot handle login issue through email, so please make sure you contact us over chat, or phone. Please visit the main Technical Support page to see normal business hours and closings.

Let's Talk button example